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Ye Olde Chastity Belt

From the 1970's and the excentric Californian artist, Jim Rumph!

From the 1405 book "Bellifortis"

Another from the Museum at Cluny

That Cluny Museum must have a kinky collection!

From the Kalmar Museum

From the Nordiska Museum

Here's one from Venice!

Naughty turn of the century girls!

Chastity Belt 1

Chastity Belt 2

Chastity Belt 3

From the Museum at Cluny

Don't leave her at home without one! Chastity Belt

This is a popular page, but I'm at a loss for finding any more *genuine* antique chastity belt pictures. Send me any you might run across and I'll link you on this page!

That is if you want to be linked!

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