Child Life

The following is from the book Child Life - Care and Diet Before and After Birth, 1897. Eugenics is a philosophy widely embraced by the Members of the Ralston Health Club. In other volumes, they outline their plans for creating a perfect world with perfect people. Obviously the "imbecile negro and chinese" don't fit into their little club.


A NORTHERN lady traveling in the South, had with her a beautiful daughter of eighteen, and another of nine; both of the gentlest disposition. This woman and her two girls were enthusiastic admirers of the negroes, of whom she had read in books and papers; and her daughters, the children of an ardent abolitionist, regarded the anti-racials as pets, who had been wronged for generations. The world has come to regard slavery as wrong in its principle; and that issue is forever dead. The living problem is what to do with the swarming millions of negroes that have overrun the South, and are slowly moving to the North. The lady and her daughters found them honest, delightful sunbeams of humanity; as simple as kittens playing in a basket. A private letter from a cousin in a Northern State, announcing that a burly negro had cut the throat of a white teacher after outraging her, did not deter the mother from entertaining an honest African and his son, the latter not over fourteen or fifteen years of age. That same day this lady was gagged with kerosene oil rags, then dragged to a swamp and tied to a tree, where she was compelled to witness the outrage of her daughters, by six negroes, two of whom were the honest African and his strapping boy.

There is to-day living in a Northern State, a white woman who is now married; and who has succeeded in keeping from her husband, the story of her full outrage at the hands of a negro in the South. Revolting as the account must be, the mother of this victim was traveling in the South at the time of the commission of the crime; knew all about it, and, as her daughter was engaged to marry a man of wealth in the North, she persuaded her to keep the matter quiet, as it would certainly end the engagement. The facts are known to her relatives in the South as well as in the North, including the brothers of the victim; but no one yet has deemed it wise to inform the husband. The circumstances of the crime were most abhorrent, and the deceit, stealth and low cunning of the imbecile negro most despicable; or the opportunity for the offense could never have been created.

Low cunning and deep shrewdness are marks of an imbecile mind. They sometimes outwit the keenest man. So do animals at times, such as the fox, the beaver, the bear, the wolf and the rat; being possessed of trickery that would indicate a genius of invention, were it not a fact the brute instinct employs deep laid plans and cunning devices to effect its ends. A man unfamiliar with the ways of a bear or fox, would ascribe to them an order of intellect above the average human species, in so far as it appears to operate. This low cunning is also a characteristic of the negro race. They do not employ the Caucasian methods of deceit, but adopt and invent schemes of their own; sometimes so honest that their explanations are irresistible. They are actors in one line only; that is the assumption of an honest face.

The negro possesses two senses, sex and digestion. For these he would plunge to death. All other parts of his nature are

either effervescence or dregs. We once asked an ardent admirer of the race, to furnish us with a photograph of the best type of the full blooded negro; and the result is seen in Figure 5. Physiognomy tells you that the forehead indicates an inability to acquire or propagate a degree of intelligence above the grade of the imbecile; that the eyes denote treachery and a willingness to murder the best friend; that the mouth is the highest expression of the most intense animal and brutish sensualism; yet this face was attractive to a woman because it was more intelligent than a dog's.

Traveling all through the States, north and south, the author has found the following classes of opinion on the negro as a human being: Several hundred thousand of the best people of the North have gone into the South to live or to travel. Before leaving the North they were rabid believers in the suggestion that the negro was maltreated by the Southerners; and this they carried with them as a prejudice against the white people of that section. But when they came in contact with the negro himself, his methods, his beastly and brutal disposition, his drunkenness, his defiance of law, his terrorism, his slovenly laziness, his polygamy, his wife-beating propensities, his robberies, his coarse and horrible profanity, his night prowling and gambling, his refusal to learn, his universal falsifying, his lying in wait for girls and women, his outraging of old women, young women, girls and even small female children, his murders and tortures of his victims, these several hundred thousand men and women from the North have, without exception, changed their prejudices and become sympathizers of the people who are now overrun by the hordes and swarms of black imbeciles by the millions, filling every nook and corner of a land that will never smile again in plenty until this negro question is solved.

Any lover of facts should travel over the ground where the facts are; and we challenge any impartial, unprejudiced, honest historian to find a single man or woman from the North who has been in the South long enough to ascertain the truth, who is not a believer in the statement that the presence of these millions of negroes is a calamity of the gravest kind, and that the fearful rate of their increase over all others is certain to precipitate a bloody era of black anarchy, unless the white intelligent population unite in their efforts to check the progress of the disease when there is yet time; which is NOW. Moreover we assert that the most intense and rabid haters of the African race are Northerners, who, coming into their midst with hearts full of preconceived sympathy, are more than shocked to find the hero of their romance a debased and filthy criminal. We further assert that the men who instigate the lynching of criminals that have outraged women and girls, are Northerners as often as they are Southerners.

You are sensible and you are human. We put the question to you, with this thousand-times repeated annual fact, and ask you, what would you do? You have mother, wife, sister, daughter, perhaps a little girl, whom you love, and for whom you would lay down your life; this loved one, precious above all others, is found by you insensible or dying, in the grimy embrace of a lascivious fiend whose vile passion has made her his victim. What would you do? You have him in your power; and at his feet the tender child, lies dead. He has outraged her chastity. He has killed her. If he goes now, the law may never find him; or the stupid delay of the courts with the chicanery of its modern practice may dally with him for months and years.

Are there exceptions to the general debasement and low order of intellect among the negroes? Yes, there are some. There are exceptions to everything. If the exceptions were numerous enough to be of any moment, we might take hope; but, while the thin-haired theorist fools away his time in vapid possibilities, the black race is raising children so fast that no census-taker can enumerate them. This fact is an important one. Where there are a thousand negroes in one community, the census-taker reports two hundred. He cannot find the full number, and his requests for information are met with evasions. One black couple had fourteen children under one roof; and in the same house another darkey couple had twelve; and another had eleven; thirty-seven young blacks in the same house, all reared by three couples; yet the census report showed eight, or a deficit of twenty-nine. Towns and cities, wishing for large populations in the census returns, are desirous of reducing the number of negroes, as immigration is retarded; and the black population is never fully made public. We state this, because, despite the rapid increase of the negroes, as shown by the census, they are producing still greater numbers than are so shown. They are probably between eight and sixteen millions now; over half being females. If these females produce one child to every eight of their number, each year, which is the lowest average among the negroes of the South, there will be born in the next ten years, allowing for the added increase, ten millions more negroes; and in the next thirty years, or a generation hence, there will be fully fifty million negroes in this country. There is no race or class that is increasing one_third as fast as they are at this time.

What, has this to do with child life? Much, and in many ways. Before you die you yourself may be the victim of this evil of imbecile child-raising. We have heard people say, "The future generation will have a blood-curdling experience, but we shall be gone, and will not have to meet the question." This is cowardly. Have you no love for your children? Are you willing to die with the thought that an evil that you could have eradicated is to imperil the lives of your children? Is that honest? Would you place in the homes of your loved ones serpents that would not mature their deadly poisons until after you had passed out of life's drama, knowing that your children must become victims of your act? Of what value is the lesson of patriotic example taught us by the men of 1776, who laid down their lives for the generations that came after them?

But the evil will mature before you die, or else the remedy may produce results in your lifetime. This much may be depended upon. What is the evil? It is twofold, showing itself; first, in the overwhelming increase of a worthless and dangerous mass of humanity; second, in the propagation of an order of imbecility that unless checked will never be eradicated. Such an outpouring of diseased minds on the country must of itself produce disastrous conditions, to say nothing of the criminal dispositions accompanying them. The remedy is stated in this chapter. It is the only remedy that can reach the malady. There have been various schemes advanced, but they have applied to the disposal of the ever growing flood instead of cutting off its source.

The remedy is in the law stated in the 13th Ralston Principle, imbecility should not be transmitted to offspring, but it is as well found in the 14th Ralston Principle, which says that crime should not be transmitted to offspring. The 13th Principle involves a humane and Christian method of prevention; the 14th a just means of punishment. The following details are generalities agreed upon by all counsellors, medical men, clergymen and legislators to whom the plan has been submitted during the last ten years, for which time it has been under examination. It is a matured and substantiated plan, with all its possibilities, its criticisms, its antagonisms thought out and carefully considered in the construction of its details. These details we will first present, and then explain, after which the mode of procedure will be given.

The foregoing nine details constitute the plan of procedure. In explanation of them, the question of emasculation is entitled to chief consideration. It is nothing more nor less than the act of depriving a male of the power to reproduce. It is, in childhood, a simple, safe and sanctioned practice, authorized of God, recognized in the Bible, and repeated millions of times in every generation of mankind, since the history of the world began. It softens the disposition, makes a ferocious and brutal specimen of humanity as gentle as a lamb, gives him grace and natural refinement, a long life, and a high degree of happy contentment. He is called a eunuch, and in old Bible days eunuchs were employed as chamberlains because they. were able to do more and harder work than females, kept more steadily at it, and were safe attendants on the ladies of the household. Monarchs, nobles, and all persons of rank, trusted their wives to the care of eunuchs, and this custom prevailed for fifteen hundred years throughout all Europe, and is now confined to Spain, Italy, Turkey and Greece, although existing in other parts to some extent. It is estimated that there are three millions of eunuchs engaged in honorable and high-caste employment in Asia at the present day.

Among the prominent eunuchs of history, we find Narses, the Byzantine general; Bagoas, the Persian minister; and of Phileterus, King of Pergama, all of them having been emasculated in early life. There is, in Moscow, today, a community of eunuchs, jewelers by profession, many of them very wealthy, who increase their numbers, under sanction of the law, by taking boys as wards and making eunuchs of them. In Italy there are many of this class, but not as many as formerly, when they were kept for their finer, gentler voices, as soprano singers. In Grecian history, during the romantic Byzantine period, a large proportion of the males were eunuchs, so made as a sort of fashion, and principally to lessen the evils of war, for the hatred, malice and vicious tendencies of humanity are not found among this class of men. It is said of them that they are cowardly, and will not fight, except when defending ladies in their charge, but a man may not fight from inclination or disposition, as well as from cowardice. The unwillingness to pick a quarrel or to become abusive, or to commit crimes, ought to recommend the custom of emasculation of Negroes, Chinese, and all imbecile, vicious or dangerous classes to the conservative and intelligent masses of our people.

While this method will settle the negro question, and give to the nation a promise of a brighter future, it will also be of immeasurable advantage to the persons themselves, the Negroes, Chinese, and other classes of low or deficient intellect, who shall be made eunuchs. It will elevate them to the very highest plane among their people. As attendants, ladies' companions, confidential servants, singers, and fine employees, they will be in great demand, receive the highest wages, and occupy the best positions. If any philanthropist desires to do more for these down-trodden people than has ever yet been accomplished, let him advocate this method, and work night and day unceasingly until it has become a law. It is true that it will enable us to witness the end of the entire negro race in a few years; but this end will come naturally. It will wrong no one. It will avert the shedding of blood; and no other plan, conceived or conceivable by man, is able to attain so desirable an end as this. We challenge any one of the false friends of the Negro and Chinese, to point out any other solution of the question. Those who have attempted to solve the problem, long ago gave it up. It is this or nothing. The mode of procedure is in a twofold form; first, to educate the voters by creating a strong public sentiment in favor of the law of emasculation; second, by calling all good men out of the conflict of various political parties, and uniting them in one, grand effort to make the law a provision of the State Constitution, and afterward of the United States Constitution. Now let us go to work. We are in earnest. Are you?

The opinions stated here are for historical interest and do not represent my own opinions. I just wanted to restate that in case you missed it on the first page!

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