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Whose Fault Dear Gods? Must have been roaming cocks!

I don't think this is what the old nursery rhyme had in mind when it mentioned a "cock horse"! Cock Horse 1 - Cock Horse 2

Do you want Good Health?

Avoid mushrooms!

The most dangerous is that known by the name: Black Forest Mushroom. While it is very pleasant to the taste it produces a swelling of the belly and shortly afterwards causes terrible pains in the region of the lover abdomen.

Don't trust mushrooms!

She's An Ass

Hey there! How about a piece of this Ass instead?

He's got a Woman on his mind.

Wanna see my Pussy?
The Barrison Sisters. Stage performers in Paris, Berlin, and New York in the late 1800's.

You can get a good view, Up in a Tree

Open the Gates!

We should get these two together Penis Dreams and Pussy Dreams

His Majesty's Grand Entrance


Dick Face 1

The book claims this was found in a greek temple (I'm not so sure about the authenticity of this one!) Cock Nose



Her Wants


There is a law which no reputable Physician will break... The Abortion

After three weeks and a payment of $50 he pronounced cured... VD

Which will you choose, False Modesty or Sex Hygiene?

Yet another kind of choice A Career, a Life of Pleasure, or Motherhood?

There are two paths that you can take, which will you choose? Female Male

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